WE ARE COMMITTED TO HELPING YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.  Our service is relationship based. We work in partnership with you to ensure that you are reaching your personal goals and enjoying every part of the process. Should you have any questions or concerns, we are always a phone call or an email away.

WE ARE NOT JUST ABOUT CALORIE COUNTING.  Eating right does not simply mean counting calories. Eating right is about balance, enjoyment and incorporating the best foods into your daily diet – the best foods to feel good now and in the future.  We take into account a number of health benefits when selecting ingredients and designing menus.

WE CAREFULLY SOURCE OUR INGREDIENTS.  Our menus are developed using a slow food principle, meaning we make everything from whole ingredients – no shortcuts! We believe in locally sourced ingredients from organic and sustainable sources and always choose naturally raised meats and poultry, free of hormones and antibiotics. 

WE BELIEVE IN THE IMPORTANCE OF MEALTIME AND WE ALWAYS COOK WITH LOVE.  Today’s fast paced lifestyle can sometimes get in the way of the tradition of sitting down to a home cooked meal.  We seek to make this important tradition easier by delivering home cooked meals to you, so that you may once again have time to gather around the table and savour the experience.  We believe a positive relationship with food is essential to healthy living. 

FINANCIALLY, IT BEATS TRYING TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF. When you take into account the variety in our menus, the quality of the ingredients, and the time it would take you to do all the recipe development, meal planning, shopping, planning, nutritional calculating and meal preparation yourself, the value for each of our services is incredible!

Our Personal Chef, Healthy Food Coaching and Consulting
Services are designed to help you achieve success with
implementing dietary changes into your everyday life.

Personal Chef Services

One to One Cooking Lessons

Group Cooking Classes

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Food is our passion; we are excited to share it with you.